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    Get ready to scream… Four more days.

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    Why did it have to end

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    Couple walking along the East River with the New York city skyline in background.

    Photo by Inge Morath, 1960

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  • Glamour US, November 2014

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  • Hi! :D So um like I have an interview with Georgetown University soon. I need something dressy-casual! Help please :) Hair and makeup is helpful too! Thank you!!!!!


    Exciting!!! Depending on weather, I would go with  black jean and blouse look. Let me attach a few looks… it’s totally up to you. If you want to go for a more feminine, girly look I was suggest a black swing or skater skirt and a soft white blouse. But idk, I guess it being an interview I see pants as more appropriate :) 
    I would stay away from any blue denim, it just gives off a more casual vibe ya get me? 

    nude lips, mascara and thin eyeliner etc etc just the basics. A soft nice wave(curl) to the hair… keep hair off your face in the interview!! ;) 

    GOOD LUCK <3

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    A shot from our incredible zine workshop up in Providence!